Payments CZ API Payment Status

The Payment API uses two status codes that serve two different purposes:

1.The HTTP Status Code reflects the outcome of the API call (the HTTP operation on the resource). For more information see RFC2616 Status Code Definitions.

2.The Status field in the Payment API payloads reflect the status of the payments resources. This Status is limited to the ISO 20022 Payment Status Code code-list enumeration.

The Payment API possible HTTP Status Codes are described in the Payments API Documentation.

Payment Status Code

Payment status code indicates the status of a single payment transaction. The Payment API supports following codes:

ACTC [AcceptedTechnicalValidation] - Authentication and syntactical and semantical validation are successful

RJCT [Rejected] - Payment initiation or individual transaction included in the payment initiation has been rejected

ACSP [AcceptedSettlementInProcess] - All preceding checks such as technical validation and customer profile were successful and therefore the payment initiation has been accepted for execution

ACSC [AcceptedSettlementCompleted] - Settlement on the debtor´s account has been completed.

ACPA [AcceptedPendingAdditionalApproval] - Transaction approved by the customer, but additional approval is required as part of multilevel approval process on the customer side.

Payment Status Code for Standing Orders

Statuses for already authorized standing orders:

ACPA [AcceptedPendingApproval] - created, not yet authorized standing order

ACSC [AcceptedSettlementCompleted] - authorized standing order (although already expired or deleted)

Statuses for the newly created requests for edit/delete standing order:

ACPA [AcceptedPendingApproval] - created, not yet authorized request to edit, delete standing order

ACSC [AcceptedSettlementCompleted] - authorized request to edit, delete standing order